2020 Best Ranger Competition

The US Army Ranger Association is proud to host the 2020 Best Ranger Competition Raffle, sponsored by Black Rifle Coffee Company

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Live Drawing – 1st Ranger Battalion 45th Birthday Celebration

695 Tickets are entered

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The Colt M4 is Jeffery V Wright with 731-ranger-531

The Colt M1911 Classic is Conrad H Busch Jr with 718-ranger-394

The Beretta M9 is David Stockwell with 679-ranger-303

The Henry Rifle is David Hill with 714-ranger-380

The Jack Daniels 45th Anniversary is Fred Finchum with 651-ranger-257

The Autographed Book – Autopsy of an Unwinnable War- is jane Rivers with 779-ranger-675

The Autographed Book – Just another day- is Shawn Ghormley with 733-ranger-543